Using Furled Leaders

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Here are some answers to common questions about our leaders.

Our leaders float high with a little floatant added and don't spray water.

We recommend 36-72 inches of tippet but have used much more if you need an even more delicate presentation.

Most indicators work just fine anywhere on the leader.

Tippet rings are a great way to conserve tippet material and leader life.

Attach tippet to the ring with an improved clinch knot.

Attach tippet to our shorb looped leaders with a perfection loop knot for a simple loop to loop connection.

Custom colors and materials are available. We usually use 6/0 unithread but furled nylon/flouro makes for an even more durable leader.


Thanks for shopping and send us an email if you have any more questions.



  • These leaders are a must have, easy to tie and last almost forever. A great investment in your fly fishing arsenal!

  • These leaders are amazing! I will never use another, great product!


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