About us

  • We are a small company that enjoys making and fishing furled fly fishing leaders.
  • Our furled leaders provide many benefits over traditional knotted or tapered nylon leaders

  • Longer lasting, One leader may last all season

  • No memory, Furled leaders do not get kinks
  • High floating, Apply floatant to leader just prior to use (should last all day!)
  • Fewer knots to tie, All connections are loop to loop or to a tippet ring

    Attach 36 to 72  inches of tippet using a perfection knot for the shorb loops or an improved clinch knot on the tippet ring. Surprising long tippet sections can be used
  • Custom Colors, Tapers, and Materials are available. Just send us and email.
  • AppalachianLeaderCompany@gmail.com